Sherri’s Dream

Pearl McMullen, Sherri’s paternal grandmother owned Clyde Hall from 1958-63. During this period, she spent summers at Clyde Hall in Lanark helping her grandmother with her senior citizens residence. At first site, she fell in love with Clyde Hall, the village of Lanark and its people. After her grandmother’s sudden death in 1963, the home was eventually sold to a Toronto businessman, who maintained ownership for forty years, but never lived in the house. The house remained vacant for the entire period. In 1986, she approached the owner regarding purchase of the house and 300 acres, long neglected. He was receptive, however, when sale documents were presented, he declined to respond. After many futile attempts over several years, she went on with life.

In 2000, just beginning to plan for retirement, buying a retirement residence to establish a B&B in the Manotick area, they heard Clyde Hall had been sold to a local businessman. Rumour had it he was developing a golf course and severing the house with 10 acres. After much cajoling her husband, Brian agreed to drive to Clyde Hall, just to look.
They were greeted by a burned-out shell in addition to forty years of vegetation winding its way around the property. The house had burned in the summer of 1999, while villagers watched, flames spiraled in excess of 50 feet endangering other residences in its way. Although Sherri was heart broken, Brian was relieved, this would now put an end to thoughts of purchase and an enormous restoration project. However, she could not leave it alone and the vision of rescuing and restoring Clyde Hall to its former grandeur was too ingrained. While the fire destroyed the interior, the shell was intact except for a few places. With this rationale, discussions resumed, the result of which was an offer to purchase submitted the next business day.

It would take several months for the severance and sale to be completed, however, in September 2001 restoration began. They sold their retirement home in Manotick, found temporary housing in Ottawa, parked a trailer at Clyde Hall and dedicated all non-working hours to the restoration and opening of Clyde Hall B&B.

Clyde Hall opened its doors welcoming its first guests in January 2003. Sherri, Brian and their daughter Lauren reside at Clyde Hall offering guests “comfort captured in history”

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